Wild Coachella Lecture Series

Wild Coachella Lecture Series 2019-2020
This series, in partnership with Friends of the Desert Mountains, investigates the history and habitat of the Coachella Valley and beyond. Each free lecture is open to the public. 
Wild Coachella Lecture Series
6pm, Nov. 6: The Pacific Crest Trail

Author, hiker, and outdoor advocate Barney Scout Mann will discuss his experiences hiking the PCT, a trail that runs 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada, as well as his books on thru-hiking. 

Tending The Wild
6pm, Dec. 4: The National Monument

Cameron Barrows of the UCR Center for Conservation Biology and Colin Barrows of Friends of the Desert Mountains will discuss the National Monument. 

Desert Tortoise
6pm, Jan. 8: Condors and Other Birds of Prey

Dr. Peter Bloom, who has conducted avian research projects all over the world, will discuss all the fascinating things he's learned about the California condor.  

Joshua Tree
6pm, Feb. 5: The History of Joshua Tree

Learn the history of one of our nation's most beloved parks from speaker William West.      


The Genius of Birds
6pm, March 4: The Genius of Birds

A look at bird intelligence. Speaker Jennifer Ackerman is a nature writer and the author of "The Genius of Birds." 

Wild Coachella
6pm, April 1: Coexisting With Coyotes

Dan Flores, the author of "Coyote America: A Natural and Supernatural History" will discuss Project Coyote, which promotes compassionate conservation and coexistence between people and wildlife through education, science and advocacy. RSVP now!