Wild Coachella Lecture Series

Wild Coachella Lecture Series 2018-2019

This series, in partnership with Friends of the Desert Mountains, investigates the history and habitat of the Coachella Valley and beyond. Each free lecture is open to the public. 

Wild Coachella Lecture Series

6pm, Nov. 7: Climate Change and Wildfire in California

No one will argue that wildfires are bigger, hotter, starting earlier, and ending later than any time in recent history. Climate scientists have predicted exactly what we are experiencing – a hotter, and in our case drier, planet will result in more fires. At the same time, people are increasingly living in fire-prone regions. Are we on a collision course of human and natural disasters?

                                Speaker: Thomas Scott, PhD. 


Tending The Wild

6pm, Dec. 5

Film Screening: This film shines light on the knowledge of indigenous peoples across California, exploring how they actively tended the land and developed a deep understanding of plant and animal life. Panel discussion to follow.  RSVP NOW!


Desert Tortoise

6pm, Jan. 2: Finding a Balance: Managing Desert Tortoises and Tanks

The Marine Corps Combat Center’s innovative tortoise program gives an imperiled species a head
start, even in an active military training area. Speaker:

Speaker: Dr. Brian Henen RSVP NOW!


Joshua Tree

6pm, Feb. 6: In a Drier and Hotter Future, How will Joshua Trees Survive?

Habitat modeling, Citizen Science, Climate refugia. Joshua trees have “weathered” many climate shifts throughout the existence, but never so dry and warm as what they may be facing now.

                               Speaker: Lynn Sweet, PhD.             RSVP NOW!

Wild Coachella

6pm, March 6: Springtime is Snake Time - Everything You Wanted to Know About Rattlesnakes. In addition, after the talk,  we'll go for a scorpion hunt around the UCR Palm Desert Center.

Learn all about the venom, risks, behavior, ecology, habitat of Southern
California rattlesnakes. Speaker: Speaker: Dr. William Hayes  RSVP NOW!