Permits can be purchased by e-mailing Paul Murie at Permits can be paid by cash, Visa, MasterCard or Student Business services.

Gold Permit

  • Valid in Lot B all day; in Lot A after 4 p.m. only
  • Quarterly permit: $129.00

Blue Permit

  • Valid in Lot A or B all day
  • Quarterly permit: $168


One Hour Spaces

Spaces are available in Lots A & B for one hour only. There is no charge for one hour visitor parking.

UCR Extension Students

Please purchase your parking permit through UCR Extension at the time you enroll in your classes. 


One Hour Spaces

Spaces are available in Lots A & B for one hour only. There is no charge for one hour visitor parking.

Pay by Phone (Parkmobile)

Transportation and Parking Services now offers Parkmobile, an app that enables you to pay for short-term parking. Parkmobile offers easy alternatives for parking payments and saves customers’ time. Pay from any smart phone, mobile device, or website or call their toll free phone service at 877-727-5932 (877 PARK 932). It is parking made simple. More information about Parkmobile can be found at

How do I use Parkmobile?

The first step is to register with Parkmobile. Visit, download the free Parkmobile app or call their toll free phone service at 877-727-5932 (877 PARK 932). When registering, a credit card or Pay-Pal account is required.

How does it work?

  • Look for the Parkmobile sign or sticker.
  • Use the Parkmobile mobile app or mobile website to enter in the zone number listed on the sign and in the table below, and choose your parking duration.
  • Instead of placing a receipt on the car dashboard, your vehicle license plate will serve as the credential through Parkmobile to prove that you’ve paid.
  • You can opt-in to receive a notification 15 minutes before your parking session is set to expire.



Lot B


Is there a fee for using Parkmobile?

Although there is a transaction fee collected by ParkMobile for each use, Transportation and Parking Services is paying that fee out of the standard parking rates collected so users pay the same rate when using the ParkMobile system as they would if they used a traditional parking permit dispenser or meter.

Will Parkmobile be available in all surface lots and parking structures?

Parkmobile is currently available in short term visitor parking areas on campus that utilize numbered Pay-By-Space parking.  Daily visitor parking in Lot B at the Palm Desert campus is also provided through the ParkMobile system.

Future plans do include the deployment of ParkMobile as a payment option for daily parking in additional daily parking lots on the main campus.

How Will Enforcement Officers Know That I've Paid?

Parkmobile parking space statuses are provided to parking enforcement officers on their handheld computers. The officer will use your license plate number, zone number and parking space number, if applicable, to view your Parkmobile payment on their handheld computer. As such, please make sure to add any additional license plate numbers to your account before creating a parking session to make sure your parking transactions are correctly created.

Zone Number Information and Range

Zone numbers are a critical part of your transaction and must be recorded correctly in order for your parking session to be identified correctly by the parking enforcement officers. Zone numbers vary by lot. You MUST identify your Parkmobile zone number from the Parkmobile signage located in your parking area to ensure you start your session correctly. In the parking areas for the UCR Palm Desert campus zone is 2470.

Parkmobile Phone Number

The Parkmobile toll-free phone number to reach the automated system to register and/or start or extend your parking sessions is (877) 727-5932.

Payment Methods Accepted

The payment methods accepted are Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Pay-Pal.

Can transactions in zones in this area be extended or stopped?

You cannot stop a session once it is started. You must select the amount of time you want in advance and pay for that time with your credit card. If you choose more time than you needed, you will not be able to stop the session or get a refund.

You are able to purchase additional parking periods if you want to extend the overall length of your visit, if you see that you need more than the amount you initially paid for.  You can do this do starting a new session near the end of your original transaction but before the original transaction expires.

What do I do if I get a parking citation?

Parkmobile does not own, operate, manage or enforce the parking on the University’s property. Transportation and Parking Services continues to provide that service to the campus and enforces its parking regulation and issues citations to those vehicles that violate the parking rules and regulations. To dispute a citation, follow the instructions on the citation or go You can log on to your Personal Pages online at to obtain a receipt for your parking session to include with your dispute.

Contact Us

You can reach Transportation and Parking Services weekdays from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM at (951) 827-4395

 Special Events

Parking arrangements for special events can be made in advance through the Events Department at


Permits can be purchased by payroll deduction by filling out a TAPS payroll deduction form.