Share Your Love of Lifelong Learning


Why Teach an Osher Course

The Osher program attracts current and retired faculty from University of California, Riverside, retired faculty from local and national colleges, and distinguished community leaders and other experts who enjoy sharing their knowledge and joy of teaching with our members. Classes are offered in Riverside at the UCR Extension University Village (EUV) and in the Coachella Valley at UCR Palm Desert Center.

Learning Formats Available:

Lectures: Tuesday lectures series on timely and engaging topics. (Riverside location only at this time; Special Lecture Series offered Remotely) 
Courses: Multi-session, academic courses in a wide array of topics and delivery modes from in-person classroom instruction to remote delivered interactive instruction and demonstrations. 
Field Trips and Study Tours: On site exploring and learning about cultural, historical and architectural events locally and internationally. 
Special Events: Includes campus department lectures, and fun and entertaining events open to members and the general public. 
Lunch Bunch: Another way for members to engage in cultural experiences through food while enjoying a meal together. 
Workshops: Range from successful aging, financial wellness and creative activities.

For your participation as a presenter in the program, you will receive free Osher membership, access to supplies and equipment for course instruction, and a presenter honorarium.