Feed Your Mind, Body and Soul


What Osher Members Need to Know

UCR Osher members are dynamic, engaging, and curious. They bring an eagerness to pursue personal learning through a mix of thought-provoking ideas, classes, lectures, discussions, special events and social activities. Members enjoy interacting with other like-minded mature adults 50 years and older as part of an active and vibrant community of lifelong learners and knowledge seekers.

What it Means to be a UCR Osher Member

• Stay mentally fit in retirement years
• Discover social, cultural and academic Interests
• Access to talented and knowledgeable presenters
• Network with other curiosity seekers.
• Reconnect with new and old friends
• Conveniently scheduled courses and lectures
• Affordable pricing for stellar academic experiences.
• Access to FREE lecture series and events.

What Osher Members Are Saying

“Barry and I love remote learning. Connections with other participants seem more intimate, even if we choose to just listen
and not participate. Learning the Zoom technology is easy, very user-friendly.”

- Glennie Feinsmith, Osher Member 

“Just finished another Osher class and LOVED it! What a great way to enrich your mind and life. It is a pleasure to be with others who also love to continue learning!”
- Christina Waaijenberg Miller, Osher Member 

“Osher experience is incalculable, lifelong learning should be imbedded in everyone and Osher experience is totally transferable.”
- Craig Vickers, Osher Member

Ways to Become a Member and Enroll

We ask that members purchase individual membership and class fees per household. The sustainability of the program throughout and beyond these challenging times, depends on your individual membership and class fees. We receive no support of any kind from the university.

  • Annual Osher Membership Fee: $130 (July 2024-June 2025): Gives access to enroll in courses and Lecture Series for the academic year.
  • Quarterly Osher Membership Fee: $65: Gives access to enroll in courses and Lecture Series in a single quarter.
  • Call 760.834.0800 (Wednesday 8-12pm and 1-5pm, Thursday 8-1pm, Friday 8-12pm and 1-5pm)
  • Download and print the Membership and Enrollment form before you call.

Download, print, and mail a completed Membership and Enrollment Form to:

  • UCR Palm Desert Center, Attn: Osher, 75080 Frank Sinatra Drive, Palm Desert, CA 92211