Become a Member


What it Means to be an Osher Member

UCR Osher members are dynamic, engaging, and curious. They bring an eagerness to pursue personal learning through a mix of thought-provoking ideas, classes, lectures, discussions, special events and social activities. They enjoy interacting with other like-minded mature adults. Members participate as part of an active and vibrant community of lifelong learners.
Once you have completed your Membership and Enrollment Form and paid your membership fee, choose your classes, and get ready to start learning just for the fun of it. No tests, no grades, no stress, no degree requirements!

What Osher Members Enjoy

•    Annual membership cost of $130 per person from July 2024-June 2025 . Gives access to enroll in courses and Lecture Series.
•    Quarterly membership, cost of $65 per person (fall, winter, and spring). Gives you access to enroll in courses and Lecture Series in a single quarter.
•    A selection of interesting program offerings with talented and knowledgeable presenters.
•    Conveniently scheduled online and in-person classes, lectures, and activities.
•    Affordable pricing for stellar academic experiences.
•    Access to FREE Lecture Series and events.
•    Networking with other curiosity seekers.

Ways to Become a Member and Enroll

We ask that members purchase individual membership and class fees per household. The sustainability of the program throughout and beyond these challenging times, depends on your individual membership and class fees. We receive no support of any kind from the university.
•    Annual Osher Membership Fee: $130 (July 2024-June 2025): Gives access to enroll in courses and Lecture Series.
•    Quarterly Osher Membership Fee: $65: Gives access to enroll in courses and Lecture Series in a single quarter.

Discounted Membership

UCR Retirees, UCR Emeriti, UCR Palm Desert Partners and UCR Alumni Association members receive a $20 discount on their Osher Annual Membership for September -June .

Community Partners

Local businesses, restaurants and organizations partner with us to further engage Osher members. Please patronize our community partners in Riverside and the Coachella Valley, and enjoy discounts on products, services, and meals. It's a great time to support our community store owners and restaurants - you can always order take-out or curbside delivery!