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Graduate School of Education Lecture Series

This series includes something for everyone, whether you're a teacher, parent or student. All of these lectures are free and open to the public. Check back soon for our 2013-14 schedule.


Previous GSOE lectures of the 2012-13 academic year:

6 p.m. Jan. 16
Jan Blacher, PhD.: 1 in 88, Autism in your community and why you should care

Autism is a high incidence disorder, one that all general education teachers, physicians, police and fire-fighters will encounter at some point. This presentation will include a snapshot of the latest research about autism, including data from a recent campus-wide study of autism awareness at the University of California, Riverside, and the implications of these findings for Inland Southern California.  SEARCH, the Family Autism Resource Center at UCR, will serve as an example of how basic doctoral research training can be merged with community outreach to better meet the needs of these families.

6 p.m. Feb. 7
Begona Echeverria: Gender lessons in Basque song: Implications for endangered languages

Half of the world's 6000 languages are in danger of extinction. One of these is Basque (Euskera), a language unrelated to any other, situated in northern Spain and southwest France. While 750,000 know Basque — a seemingly robust number compared to Native American languages — most use another language (primarily Spanish) for daily use. This lecture-recital examines the gender lessons inhabiting Basque song; Echeverria argues that women and girls exhibit a wider range of roles and emotional stances than those found in mainstream curricular materials, which privilege men as main actors in and preservers of Basque language and culture. This argument is punctuated with examples through song.

6 p.m. March 7
John S. Levin: California higher education is sinking

As we all observe the erosion of state funding for higher education, in California, the budget axe falls with a mighty thud, with cuts to the University of California, California State Universities, and California Community Colleges. The universities' response is to increase tuition and fees; drop services; cut classes so that class sizes increase; lay off support staff; and finally to shut the door to thousands of qualified students, who they direct to the community college. The consequences are far-reaching, with repercussions to the economy, to the criminal justice and welfare systems, and to communities. 

6 p.m. March 26
Randi O'Connor: Children with reading difficulties: How to find them and what to do about it

Early intervention in reading has garnered international attention through theories in which skilled reading can be traced back in time to a child's earlier understandings about oral language, print, and the relationship between print and spoken words.  This lecture will focus on the research detective work that identified early indicators of later reading problems, instructional activities that can ease reading problems, and the current integrated model of early identification and intervention.

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