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A free lecture series brought to you by the Center for Ideas and Society, an interdisciplinary research center dedicated to advancing humanistic studies and creativity at UC Riverside. These rich and fascinating lectures illuminate the ways in which human beings create and explore a distinctly human life. 

Thank you to all our featured speakers for enriching our minds and all our guests who engaged in thoughtful discussions. We look forward to next year's season. We will update this site in the 2015-2016 academic year when we have scheduled our series.

2015 series: The Things Money Can't Buy

March 11, 2015 -- Ethics / Eric Schwitzgebel

A Theory of Jerks -- Does the world seem to you to be full of boring idiots? If so, you might be a jerk! In this talk, Eric Schwitzgebel offered a general theory of the nature of jerks (and their opposite, sweethearts).

Mar. 5, 2015 -- Democracy / Paul D'Anieri

Finding Peace in a Post-Cold War World -- Since November 2013, Ukraine has moved rapidly from protest to revolution to state collapse to foreign intervention. We heard from Paul D'Anieri, a political scientist whose expertise is in Eastern European and post-Soviet affairs, about whether a new cold war is emerging and what that might mean for the world.

Jan. 14, 2015 -- Immortality / John Fischer

Would You Choose to Live Forever? -- The Immortality Curmudgeons (such as Bernard Williams) argue that living forever would not be choiceworthy for human beings. John Fischer argued for a more optimistic view of immortality.

Feb. 11, 2015 Longevity / Leslie Martin

More Precious than Gold: The Paths to Long, Richly Rewarding Lives -- Drawing on the empirical work described in The Longevity Project, Dr. Leslie Martin's talk highlighted some of the most powerful predictors of longevity, and some of the biggest surprises.


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